Facebook under Charges Again

Facebook under Charges AgainIt seems Facebook has come into another controversial issue, which has born from Germany and can affect the world popular social networking website and its users.

This time the inquiry has been initiated by the German data protection authority, which has decided to move further with its inquiry over Facebook's facial recognition tech.

According to the Hamburg data protection agency that has set up the inquiry upon the issue, it is against the facial recognition software and Facebook's Photo Tag Suggest feature, which immediately analyse all the uploaded photos of the user and automatically matches the faces to the sites members.

Though the probe has already faced suspension in June with Facebook's claims to be having a breakthrough in its talks with the Irish Data Protection Agency, the case has been reopened, confirmed Professor Dr. Johannes Caspar, the Hamburg commissioner for data protection and freedom of information.

He added that his team side is in no mood to make any concessions other than agreeing to stop collecting new facial profiles. They added that the networking site should confirm from its users prior using the facial recognition technology over the uploaded photos.

"This data has been collected without the necessary users' consent rendering the resumption of the [agency's] proceedings against Facebook inevitable", the agency said.