Philippines Banks Breast Milk to boost Breastfeeding Among Poor

Philippines Breast Milk BankIn an effort to serve the benefits of breastfeeding to even children belonging to the poorer families, the Philippine government's state-run breast milk bank has started collecting and storing breastfeed milk.

The initiative not only aims to serve the poor children but also the officials want to help women get free, who want to return to their work immediately after giving birth to their child.

Jose Fabella Memorial hospital is a popular name and is known to be the busiest maternity institution in Manila, the capital of Philippines. The region has more than 12 million people including hundreds of women and their babies.

The idea started with the help of all those women there, who do not afford even a minimal payment and to help cover all the costs in their lives they donate their breast milk to the hospital's breast milk bank. The officials collect and store the quantity and use it to feed babies of mothers having lactation problems.

Explaining their aim, Mr. Esmeraldo Ilem, head of the hospital's family planning unit, said "Even hospitals in far-flung areas or provinces come here to buy milk from us. [For instance,] when a mother dies in a hospital [where there is no milk bank, the family] comes here to source the milk."