NZ Borders in Danger from Aliens?

NZ Borders in Danger from Aliens?New Zealand has some new aliens slipping inside through its borders but this time, they are not from any unknown planet but ours only. The news is talking about the deadly snakes, spiders and few pairs of scorpions, who since last four years are breaching New Zealand's borders and somehow have become the serious bio-security hazards too.

According to the estimation of the wildlife experts, 500+ alien organisms have crossed the New Zealand borders and entered the region since the year 2008. The big list of alien organisms includes insects, spiders, viruses and pests like lizards and snakes.

In context to same, some figures were released by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) under the Official Information Act show and mentioned that the recorded pest incursions stand at 546, out of which 176 have been given an eradication response already.

Number of breaches is increasing. Record shows that the entire last year reported total 120 breaches but figure has already reached to 54 so far this year. One of the most notable discoveries in this year was a large diamond python that was seen in Auckland.

Ms. Veronica Herrera, the ministry's response and investigation and diagnostic centre director, said, "And of those, not all present a significant economic or environmental impact as to require action by the ministry".