Samaritan’s Volunteer to Spread Awareness on Motorbike

Samaritan’s Volunteer to Spread Awareness on MotorbikeDavid Exley will be given a warm welcome today by the volunteers at the of Samaritans’ annual awareness day. Mr. Exley is also amongst the volunteers from the Samaritans, who chose to move around UK and Ireland on his motorbike and spread the awareness regarding the Samaritans charity.

The charity is a registered one, which aims at providing emotional support to anyone in emotional distress or at risk of suicide throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The 64-year old David will be covering 6,000 miles on his motorbike and has affirmed that he will be travelling over to each of the branches of the charity in the country, which account for 201 in total and will be making them aware of the role played by the charity in providing a 24- hours service to the people.

He claimed that he is riding to pay a tribute to his son and younger brother. He stated that his younger brother Tim committed suicide, 24 years ago and sadly even his son James did the same in the year 2007. He lost two of his loved members.

He said, “I really hope that my challenge will mean that more people will be aware of the support Samaritans offers”.