Older Mums Good At Taking Care of Kids, Says Study

Older Mums Good At Taking Care of Kids, Says StudyResearchers in London conducted a study in which they found that kids born to older mums are good at studies and are also healthier. Older mums are well educated, have good source of income and are mature to take care of their children, believe researchers.

The awareness and education of the mum helps her in taking care of the infant. Children learn a lot from their parents. If mum isn't well educated then a child can have problems in language and in growing up. Such kids, in fact, have more hospitalizations as compared to kids with older mums.

For the study, the researchers looked at the data of 78,000 children born by mothers of 13 years to 57 years old. During the study, the researchers found that with the increased age of mother, the chances of a child of meeting with an accident and of getting hospitalized dropped significantly.

Besides, the older mums were found of having good awareness about vaccination. Thus, 98.1% of the children born by older mums were adequately vaccinated. The findings of the study have been published in the British Medical Journal. The findings of the study can help in understanding the right age for women to have kids.