Race Event Organized to bring MND into Spotlight

Race Event Organized to bring MND into SpotlightWith an aim to aware more number of people about the Motor Neurone Disease and its deadly impacts, a 24-hour sponsored bike ride has been organized in the city by Amateur athletes Mr. Alan Webb and Mr. Stuart Birrell.

A friend of both the athletes has been recently diagnosed with MND and thus to raise awareness about the difficulties for the victims of the condition, they have organized the Buckingham Bike Event.

MND, a neurological disorder severely affects motor neurons cells in the body, which actually control every voluntary muscle activity starting from speaking to walking, breathing to swallowing and several other general movements of the body too. The disease is progressive in nature and thus it terribly causes progressive disability and death to the sufferer.

The bike race will make its start on Friday, September 14 and will run the following day, in the pedestrian area outside Waitrose (as scheduled). A team of six people will be taking part in the 24 hours race and has plans to take turns cycling on their stationary gym bikes, which have been taken on loan from the Buckingham Leisure Centre.

All the members of the race will also give out information to people about MND thereby collecting donations but all this will be done by the volunteers from Syresham Cycles.