Cardinal George intends to stick to his duties despite discovery of cancer

Cardinal George intends to stick to his duties despite discovery of cancerCardinal Francis George has announced that he would try his best to abide by his public schedule and keep up with his duties even as doctors have discovered cancerous cells in his kidney and liver.

Facing a second fight with cancer in six years, 75-year-old George - the spiritual leader of 2 million Roman Catholics in the Chicago area - was speaking to reporters on Friday during a gala commemorating his 15th anniversary as the leader of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

George said he expected to learn more about his condition in a few days to come as he will hear from doctors about possible treatments, which could include chemotherapy.

He expressed his intention to stick to his duties, but if he undergoes chemotherapy he will definitely have to make adjustments to his public schedule.

This the second time when George has been diagnosed for cancer. Six years back, he survived bladder cancer. During the gala, George said, "The assumption was that, after six years, having had my bladder totally removed, with no evidence of cancer that it was not just in remission, but that it was cured."

In 2006, he was treated for cancer when doctors removed his bladder as well as prostate in a five-hour operation.