Substandard Cosmetic Surgery Hurts Woman Emotionally and Physically

Substandard Cosmetic Surgery Hurts Woman Emotionally and PhysicallySubstandard cosmetic surgery has left a woman hurt physically and emotionally. The woman is reported to have developed lesions on her face after the procedure.

In July 2009, the woman in order to attain a healthier look chose to undergo the mid-face volumisation procedure. At that time, she was on a visit to New Zealand.

In a written statement, published today, the woman informed: “The doctor injected dermal filler, so called liquid facelifts, a gel-like substance- into her cheeks to fill the deep holes. The filler was not approved for use in New Zealand”.

Almost after two weeks of being treated, the woman cheeks swell and she felt a burning sensation. Lesions erupted on her face, she consulted the doctor and medications were prescribed. However, accounting no major change she visited the doctor in October.

Before that she consulted a GP, who stated that the lesions were due to granuloma reactions aroused due to the filler.

She has lodged a complaint against the doctor with Health and Disability Commissioner Anthony Hill. She affirmed that she was not provided with any details of the filler and its consequences. The doctor has been accused of violating the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights.

The case has been put forth Director of Proceedings, who will be deciding whether to take action or not.