Research Proves To Be Beneficiary In Terms Of Drugged Driving

Research Proves To Be Beneficiary In Terms Of Drugged DrivingThe Ministry of Transport authorized a research about the increasing issue of drugged driving in New Zealand. Associate Minister of Transport Simon Bridges suggests that the coined research is helping understand the issues in depth, thus making it more possible to tackle the condition.

Simon Bridges emphasized that the drug driving law implemented has brought about major changes and has also helped remove those drivers affected by drug abuse. However, a research in the matter is necessary.

Bridges added: “Study released today has shown there are areas where we need to be vigilant, such as drivers detected with alcohol and cannabis in their system who were deemed to have caused a crash”.

It has been warned that the combined effect of alcohol and cannabis is more adverse than that produced by both consumed solely. NZTA is stated to attain benefits from the research, whose findings could be used in coming time to commission awareness programs regarding drug-driving.

Further, concerns have been raised over the use of methadone. Those of who are prescribed the drug and they consume the prescribed dosage, causes no problem while driving. However, fear arises, when the drug is combined with other harmful drugs, including alcohol.