Gastric Surgery in High Demand

Gastric-SurgeryIf the latest figures released by a research are to be believed, in the past few years an increase in the number of gastric surgery has been witnessed by the NHS chiefs. In the past four years, there have been 170 gastric surgeries in Gloucestershire alone.

Since April, 2008 and till March, 2012 about 171 surgeries have taken place. However, changes in the criteria of the bariatric surgery have been changed by the NHS bosses. People with BMI over 50 are eligible for going ahead with the surgery.

Dr. Shona Arora is the Director of Public Health. She said, “While we recognise the potential benefits of bariatric surgery, and acknowledge that it can be both clinically-effective and cost- effective…we also know that it is not a 'quick fix' and doesn't work for everyone”.

In the UK about one in 30 people have been characterized as obese. Once the surgery is operated it can’t be redone. Besides, the benefits of the surgery are huge as it prevents a person from gaining weight. However, people also need to take in account the benefits of changing lifestyle. Lifestyle changes can also help a person in preventing obesity.