Alcopal Comes under Scanner

AlcopalA drug that has been banned in the US is being sold online to those who find it thrilling to drive while being drunk. If you are among those then you can also purchase it and can even pass the breath tests. But, remember that the police authorities and road safety campaigners are not at all happy with the sale of the pill.

The notorious pill, called Alcopal, costs $20 for 20 tablets. The pill works by eliminating the presence of alcohol from the breath. That’s why when taken breath test, a person who has taken the pill will not be caught of drink and drive case.

One of the suppliers of the drug, Arthur Kibble, said, “The product is for blokes like me who do go down to the pub and have more than just one pint. You could lose your license… all for the sake of being 1% over the limit”.

He noted that a drunk person would not be able to drive accurately after taking the pill as the pill doesn’t improve the performance of a drunk person on the road behind the wheels. Police officers and road safety campaigners are asking the authorities to take serious action against the availability of the drug.