Campaign Aims At Improving Declining Population of Bees

beekeepersPreviously, it was suggested that beekeepers would be allowed to keep their bee hives on urban rooftops. However, the major problem that arouse in this concept was that not all bee enthusiasts possess a suitable rooftop for the purpose.

To overcome the problem, a new website has taken up the initiative of proposing land, where these beekeepers can put a hive. Now the site aspires to meet the rising interests in fields of urban beekeeping. They would be uploading the details online.

The "Hive Talking" site has created an interactive map that will link these beekeepers to gardeners or allotment keepers, who would not mind having hives of bees on their land.

The site is basically developed under Co-operative's £1m Plan Bee campaign, which will spread awareness regarding the dilemma of these bees and at the same time, would be raising concerns over the declining population of bees. The population of honeybees almost halved between 1985 and 2005 in England.

The campaign will even take into consideration measures, which could be adopted to improve urban keeping and establish hives in cities.

Chris Shearlock, Sustainable Development Manager at the Co-operative, said: “City-dwellers are taking up beekeeping but not everyone has the space to keep bees. By bringing these parties together, Hive Talking could help reverse honeybee decline in the UK”.