Hacker’s Overnight Attack South London Healthcare NHS Trust's Website

nhsBBC Arabic Service reports are confirming hacking of a London NHS trust, which was down for a night reading the message: Group HP-Hack in red letters with displayed images of the Syrian civil war.

Wednesday’s whole night the South London Healthcare NHS Trust (SLHT) website was unreachable and the trust officials have confirmed that the security of its IT systems had not been compromised anywhere.

According to the trust, no specific motive is seen behind the hacking rather they doubt that the hacking was done by a group that targets websites randomly.

SLHT is a trust that is serving millions of people in Bexley, Bromley and Greenwich. The Arabic inscription with a sword on a black background actually represents shahada, the one-line declaration of faith which is said by those converting to Islam, the BBC Arabic Service reported.

The BBC services further added that such inscription and sword on a black background somewhat represents insignia, which are used by some Islamic extremist groups.

SLHT is investigating the whole case and will be soon out with some big findings.

“The hacking of the site has not compromised security of the trust's IT systems, which are protected by the very secure national NHS network”, SLHT said.