British Mothers insist on Gender Selection Procedure

Gender-SelectionThough UK has banned the procedure to choose gender of the baby, the option is still surviving for many of those couples who want to complete their families and balance them with both the sexes.

Reports are confirming that dozens of British women are flying every year to United States, thereby defying the UK ban on procedure of choosing the sex of their baby and planning their family with their choice of baby gender.

The procedure is widely offered in New York and Los Angeles, where doctors are openly helping all such couples to have a boy or a girl as per their wish.

The procedure involves thoroughly checking of the women’s fertilized eggs by the medics at the fertility clinics following which they implant an embryo into them checking the child’s required gender.

Many clinics are offering the above services in US, among all British-trained Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg is also one in the list. According to his calculations, he is presently being approached by approx 40 British couples every year and so far he has assisted 400 British women with the service.

Dr. Steinberg, whose main clinic is in New York, said yesterday: “New York is only a seven or eight-hour flight from most of Europe, so it works very well for those from Britain, France, Germany, Spain and the Middle East”.