Good News for Infertile Men

Good News for Infertile MenInfertility in men can occur due to many reasons. No matter what makes a man infertile, they soon will be able to experience fatherhood as researchers have found early stage sperms. Researchers have found the early stage sperms on the skin of humans.

Researchers are confident about the findings. They are of the view that their findings will help in unclogging the intricacies of male reproduction. The researchers of Pittsburgh School of Medicine did spend good chunk of hours in finding the early stage sperms.

However, it will take years to introduce the technology for clinical usage. The findings of the study have been published in the journal Cell. It estimated that about one in four couples have difficulty in starting a family. Infertility has been found responsible for it in 40% of the total cases.

It is hoped that the findings of the researchers will help in unfortunate couples in starting their own family. Since the sperms will be generated from the skin of the men no ego issue will be faced by the males and others. But before introducing the technology for clinical usage, further studies are required to be conducted.