NHS Adopts McDonalds’ Strategy to Recruit Staff

NHSNHS is now following McDonalds-style contracts while employing a rising number of highly skilled clinical staff for it, a recent report has revealed.

McDonald's recruits many its UK workers, up to some 87,500 in number, on 'zero-hours' contract basis. The world's biggest fast-food chain thus calls in workers during busy periods at short notice. Also, sometimes it even does not call if a quiet time is going on.

It has been found that NHS has also decided to do the same. The deals, as per the findings, are controversial since these contracts force the staff to stick to calls. They neither are being guaranteed on hours, nor are being given any assurance regarding their pay and are even being kept off their employment rights.

The 'zero-hours' contract means they would only be paid according to the hours they devote to their work. And the same depends on when they are called in. However, the strategy was being followed to cover low-skilled jobs, including cleaning. But, it is being said that the same is being seen covering frontline staff responsible for giving treatments in hospitals and clinics to patients.

It is therefore that Andy Burnham, Labour shadow health secretary, is urging the government to bring a halt to such contracts since thousands of lives are being put at risk.