Organic Food No Different from Conventional Chows, Study Shows

Organic Food No Different from Conventional Chows, Study ShowsResearchers from Stanford's Centre for Health Policy say, "Some believe that organic food is always healthier and more nutritious. We were a little surprised that we didn't find that".

This is true as per their study published newly in the journal, Annals of Internal Medicine. It is being affirmed by the team that the information revealed this time may help people decide on their own what they want to consume, depending on how much they concern their budget or pesticides or some other things.

The truth lies in the latest findings only that except for organic milk, no other food product was more nutritious or purer. 237 research studies were analyzed, all of which were conducted into organic food. It was found that the products were only less likely to pesticide residue by 30%, but were not free of chemicals as compared to conventionally grown vegetables and fruits.

It has been told that organic products also contained the same vitamin content as the items grown using artificial fertilizers or pesticides did. Only organic milk was actually having omega-3 fatty acid in higher amounts and the same can be certainly given for cardiovascular health as well as brain development in infants.