Man Suffering From Unusual Condition, Feels Like A Pregnant Woman

Man Suffering From Unusual Condition, Feels Like A Pregnant WomanIt sounds weird but a man feels completely the way a woman feels during pregnancy. Mike Dowdall from Britain is experiencing a rare condition.

Dowdall's girlfriend Amanda Bennett is pregnant. He behaves simply like the way Amanda suffers; he suffers morning sickness, longing for food, hot flashes. Nevertheless, he has also gained 28 pounds, since he has been suffering from this exceptional condition, called Couvade syndrome.

The 25-year-old asserted that all changes and sufferings that Amanda is facing due to her pregnancy, even his body is responding in the similar way.

Coming across such a case, a few experts suggest that the condition might be due to presence of female hormones in high levels in Mike's body, while others reason it out as anxiety of becoming a father.

Amanda, of Manchester, said: "People pay more attention to his bump than mine. At first I suspected that Mike was taking the mickey out of my pregnancy symptoms when he complained of feeling queasy".

However, when the symptoms became more prominent, she realized the seriousness of the issue.

After the symptoms turned out to be more severe, Mike visited his GP. GP examined him and concluded that Mike is suffering from Couvade syndrome, during which the patient suffers a severe form of male phantom pregnancy.