New Meade Clinic Center Inaugurated In Waikato

New Meade Clinic Center Inaugurated In WaikatoFinally, the Waikato project has been accomplished after almost eight years. The new Meade Clinical Centre in Waiora Waikato Hospital, Waikato, NZ, was inaugurated yesterday by Prime Minister John Key.

Mr. Prime Minister was accompanied by Associate Health Minister Jo Goodhew and several other notable personalities and hospital staff, to attend the morning blessing ceremony of the biggest hospital project in Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

The facility has been named after Dr John Anthony Meade, whose five children were even amongst the special guests present at the inauguration ceremony.

The five-storey building spreads over 39,000 square meters and has been directly linked to the car parking area on The Hague Road at three different levels. Further, the state-of-art includes a 11,340 square meter space for the outpatients.

Further, in order to provide the services and treatment immediately, the center has been assisted with Interventional Suite, Same Day Admissions Unit and also extra operation theaters.

Nevertheless, the center includes 100 beds, along with a Critical Care Unit, which has 15-bed Level III Intensive Care Unit (ICU) that provides the observation services, along with care and treatment to terminally ill patients. High Dependency Unit (HDU) that has been designed for adult patients who need, extra care and monitoring.