Nutritional value of Organic and Conventional food almost same

Nutritional value of Organic and Conventional food almost sameThe study is quite different from prevailing claims that organic food products more nutritious and tastier than food items being produced through conventional farming. The study being taken out by a group of researchers from Stanford University has found that there is no major difference in nutrition content among food items of organic and conventional farming.

In order to reach at the above given result, the study researchers were of the view that they have assessed previous studies and have also conducted interviews of organic farmers. Organic farmers were of the view that they prefer organic food items as they are chemical free.

Ron Rosman, who is an organic farmer near Creston, said that support for small farmers as well as to consume chemical free food has led them choose organic products over conventional food items products.

Dena Bravata, who is a senior researcher of the study, was of the view that if one has to choose on the basis of nutritional value then there is no significant difference. On the other hand, Kathleen Delate, who is an organic specialist at the Iowa State University Extension Service, said, "That benefit is much bigger than I think the Stanford study highlighted. With organic, you're not putting neurotoxins on your food".