On and Off Hormone Therapy Better for Prostate Cancer Patients

On and Off Hormone Therapy Better for Prostate Cancer PatientsCanadian researchers have found in a recent research that prostate cancer does not only require a continuous therapy to be treated, rather a “start and stop" hormone therapy can provide equal benefits, as per a report.

Two groups of men were made by the team, amongst 1,400 patients of prostate cancer enrolled for the study. While one group was given the continuous treatment, the other group received the on and off hormone therapy. It was then noted that one treatment therapy was offering no less advantages than the other.

Published newly in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study was conducted on those who had already gone through radiation therapy. Though, the same had had no effect on them. PSA was then used to calculate their response to the cancer.

In the meanwhile, it was discovered that PSA is a blood test, a rise or fall in which identify if the cancer is developing or squeezing. Rise in levels was meant for no response to treatment.

The researchers have told that patients getting on and off therapy were realizing fewer side effects as compared to those by continuous treatment. Side effects may include mood swings, erectile dysfunction or fatigue or even bone loss. Thus, the androgen deprivation can be used where surgery or radiation fails.