Longer Resuscitation Is Good For Patients, Say Researchers

Longer Resuscitation Is Good For Patients, Say ResearchersRecently, a team of researchers from Michigan Health System has found that longer the process of resuscitation is, better the result will be. The researchers were encouraged to conduct the research as they wanted to make people and medical practitioners aware as to how long resuscitation should be carried out on a patient.

The researchers have advised doctors to conduct resuscitation for at least 10 min to 15 min. They have assured the doctors that by stretching the resuscitation period, positive results on the recovery of the patients would be seen.

It is estimated that about 2, 00,000 people succumb to heart attack, every year. However, only half of them survive. The author of the research, Dr. Zachary D. Goldberger was reported saying, “Our findings suggest an opportunity for improving care in this high-risk population. Overall, it may involve standardizing the time required for continuing resuscitation attempts prior to decisions regarding termination of efforts”.

For the research, the researchers collected data from about 435 hospitals of the US. During the examination of the data, it was found that loner resuscitation helped people in surviving.