Time to fulfill Promise, say Investors to ECB President Draghi

Time to fulfill Promise, say Investors to ECB President DraghiAs per reports, it has been revealed that European shares have risen a bit in Thursday’s early day trade. The rise has given a hope in the hearts of many and especially among investors that the European Central Bank will take out a deal, which will be able to reduce financial risk that has been involved in the market.

Now when the European shares have seen the growth, it is the time that ECB President Mario Draghi should fulfill his promise. Draghi had promised that he will take certain measures, which will ensure that the euro position does not fall down. He also said that he will make all the possible efforts to make sure that his promise is being fulfilled.

Expecting that Draghi will fulfill his promise, investors have been expecting that the bank will take a new bond-buying programme. For now, they have been guessing the time when Draghi will introduce the programme and what would be its limit.

“There will be some details provided but so far I think that the ECB will leave its door wide open by refraining to mention specific caps”, said Gerhard Schwarz, who is heading the equity strategy department at Baader Bank.