Google acquires Web-based URL scanner VirusTotal

Google acquires Web-based URL scanner VirusTotalGoogle, the world’s most popular Web browser, has acquired browser-based malware scanner VirusTotal, which reports any security hazards once the user enters a URL.

The acquisition of the widely used Web-based URL scanner will help Google in beefing up protection for its internet services.

VirusTotal accepts requests for virus checks, and run available protection software on pages or documents in question. Then, it distributes the results to security vendors. As the results include the documents or websites submitted, the service is proving to be an important source of information by the cyber security industry about new threats.

Google said it would provide VirusTotal with infrastructure the cyber security startup needed to improve its service.

However, VirusTotal has clarified that it would keep on operating its service independently.

Speaking about the deal, the cyber security startup said, "VirusTotal will continue to operate independently, maintaining our partnerships with other antivirus companies and security experts.”

Nevertheless, the deal is expected to significantly strengthen Google’s ability to eradicate infectious content from its services like Gmail and social network Google Plus.

None of the two sides disclosed the financial terms of the deal.