Concern Over Misuse of Antibiotics; Watchdog Order Investigation

Concern Over Misuse of Antibiotics; Watchdog Order InvestigationConcerns have been raised against the abuse of drugs, especially antibiotics, in India. The drug watchdog has ordered investigations during which Pharma stores in the country will be assessed.

GN Singh, Drug Controller General of India, said, “We have taken a proactive role and asked all state drug inspectors to strictly monitor all retail outlets. It's important to develop a system where we can keep a check on such practices”.

The watchdog had recently sent an official notice to all drug controllers at the state level, publishing mandatory guidelines, which will help enhance the efficiency of the regulatory system and help keep a check whether the drug retail outlets are following the rules mentioned in the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.

As per regulations, prescribed medicines are not permitted to be sold illegally, still these drugs are sold in case of weakened monitoring. People have been discovered to be buying antibiotics without being prescribed. As a result of which the drugs are losing their worth and also not providing with the desired results.

Amit Sengupta, a medical practitioner, asserted that the problem is heightened in case of antibiotics, but it even exists in case of other medicines.