Nutritional Value of Organic Food under Scanner

Nutritional Value of Organic Food under ScannerOrganic food has become quite popular among consumers. However, recently, researchers of Standford University challenged the nutritional levels of the organic food. They said the organic food doesn’t do much good to body.

The nutritional levels of the organic food are similar to that of conventional food. Organic food is being expected and loved by many because of its tastes. However, when it comes to effectiveness of food, organic and conventional food shares the same podium.

For the research, the researchers studied about 237 previously conducted studies. However, during the research, it was further found that organic food as compared to conventional food has 31% lower pesticides.

Besides, in the organic food, the level of food-borne pathogens and phenols, which contributes to the development of cancer, is also low. Marcia Mogelonsky, a senior food analyst for Mintel said that sometimes people are quite confused while purchasing food items.

Marcia was reported saying, “There’s complete confusion… They buy organics sometimes. They buy based on price sometimes. Very few people are completely committed to any one cause”. It is hoped that the findings of the researchers will help consumers in shopping for food items.