Electrical Stimulus To Help Re-Grow Limbs, Claims Study

Electrical Stimulus To Help Re-Grow Limbs, Claims StudyElectrical stimulus, which has already proved its worth in generating sensory re-growth among people, who have been suffering from spinal cord injuries, has yet again being considered beneficial for tissue regeneration.

Experts were of the view that electric currents will be a new entrant in tissue engineering, which is also getting a lot of appreciation in advanced medical world. Dr. Ann Rajnicek was of the view that there are chances that electrical currents will be used for the regeneration of lost limbs.

As per the study researchers from the Aberdeen University, it has been found that though the concept is quite effective, it does not have many takers at the research funding agencies. Rajnicek said that one of the reasons for which, the technique is being overlooked is due to its link with Victorian quackery and Frankenstein.

They have been taking out a research on flatworms and have trying to see the level of effect of electrical currents. “We believe the natural electrical field that’s associated with the wounding process acts like a compass to tell cells where to migrate”, affirmed Rajnicek while explaining the positive points of electrical currents.

Study researchers said that they are at early stage of their study and cannot predict anything further in concrete.