A Cheaper and Effective Way for Preventing Hay Fever

A Cheaper and Effective Way for Preventing Hay FeverThe researchers, at Imperial College London and King's College London are looking forward to develop a vaccination for treating runny nose, cough and fever. They claim this vaccine to be the most effective and cheaper one.

Sneezing through summer with a runny nose is a difficult phase but if this vaccination is developed then, hay fever will be an illness of the past.

While testing the vaccine, researchers have injected it into a layer of skin on patients which is packed with white blood cells. According to them, this layer is known as the "hotline" to the immune system and will enable the reaction soon. For the Allergy UK department, this "targeted" theory is going to be an excited expansion.

In general, to treat hay fever, a patient is given drugs such as antihistamines or steroids. And in case of serious attacks, tablets or injections of pollen are given under the skin. Over a period of three years, the doses are gradually increased so that the body's acceptance to pollen can be enhanced. This treatment is quite expensive.

The new vaccination consist smaller amounts of pollen and a single dose is 2,000 times lighter than the existing injections. It is a much shallower injection.