Manicure Can Reduce Thickness of nails, Says Research

Manicure Can Reduce Thickness of nails, Says ResearchBeautiful nails attract all. However, do you know that manicure can dampen the health of nails? Well, a recent research has found that the manicure, which leaves nails looking gorgeous, makes them thinner.

It has been found that the manicure from OPI Axxium and Shellac makes the nail thin. Dermatologist Andrea Chan used the manicure treatment to gauge whether or not, the treatment affects the thickness of the nails.

Dermatologist Andrea Chan works for Miami School of Medicine. For research, Chan manicured her own nails. Following the manicure treatment, Chan noticed a decline in the thickness of the nails. However, further research is required to be conducted to draw a concrete conclusion.

The supporter of manicure said that women are not following the manicure procedure properly. Spokeswoman for Shellac, Samantha Sweet said, "Applying Shellac shouldn't damage the nail surface. The polish has a honeycomb construction, making it porous. The oils penetrate and nourish nails".

The findings of the research are interesting. But, further studies are required to be conducted so that concrete conclusion could be drawn. Till then women have been advised to be careful with that manicure thing.