Novartis Battling Legal Fight In India over Patent Right

Novartis Battling Legal Fight In India over Patent Right Novartis is fighting a legal battle in India over a patent law. The law often described as Section 3d was formed to do away with the practice of patent monopolies on medications. The law was formed in accordance to the international trade rule.

Under the law, Novartis can't be provided with patent in India. The patent right of Glavic, blood cancer treatment drug, was denied to Novartis in 2006. However, this time, Novartis is all set to get its right. If Novartis wins the battle then in the coming years, the cost effective cancer medicine, Glavic, also popular as Imatinib will not be easily accessible as it is right now.

The victory of Novartis, will force India to grant more patents, in the future. The Executive Director of MSF's Access Campaign, Dr. Manica Balasegaram said, "Because India is the developing world's pharmacy, the consequences of this case stretch far beyond the country's borders. Novartis's legal actions are a direct threat to the lifeline for millions of people in developing countries".

The trail over the case will be held for months unless and until a decision has been taken.