Barnett Government Dismisses Calls against GM Wheat Variety Trials

WheatBarnett State government has rejected the reports, which subjected calls against the trials of genetically modified wheat variety in Western Australia. Further, the government has affirmed that the issues raised against the GM wheat variety are simply rumors.

Genetics lecturer Jack Heinemann from New Zealand has cautioned that the CSIRO’s GM variety can cause harm to human body by restraining the production the glycogen, thus affecting the liver severely and causing it to fail.

In response to the criticism, CSIRO said, “The claims had not been published in a peer-reviewed journal but would be considered by the organization and regulatory bodies along with all other relevant research”.

The CSIRO detailed that they will be conducting trials, including both the GM and non-GM varieties of high amylose wheat, which is high in resistant starch, which is beneficial for those suffering from diabetes and intestine.

Resistant starch is starch, which escapes digestion in small intestine. It is a type of dietary fiber, which includes benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibers.

WA opposition agriculture spokesman Paul Papalia has also asked the government to abandon the trial. In response, state's Agriculture Minister Terry Redman, asserted that the variety, which raised concerns, has not been included in the trails. Further, he affirmed that it was too early to conclude that the variety is unsafe.