Pregnant Mothers Should be Cautious of What They Eat

Pregnant Mothers Should be Cautious of What They EatRecently, a study has been released by the researchers from Georgetown University in Washington DC, in which they used rates to find out the impacts of fatty foods on a fetus inside a mother's womb.

As a result, they found that if pregnant women ate large amounts of fatty foods, then their daughters and even grand-daughters become more prone of developing breast cancer sometime later in life.

Therefore, according to researchers, it is important for pregnant ladies to eat healthy diet as unhealthy food can bring a drastic and everlasting change to the cells of an unborn baby, which further can prove to be dangerous for them and their future generations.

As said by lead author Sonia de Assis, "What a mother eats or is exposed to during pregnancy can increase her daughter's breast cancer risk. This study is important because it may help our understanding of the origins of some breast cancers".

Upon the development of breast cancer, the first question that arises is that is it genetic? Well, most of the times it becomes quite difficult to give an accurate answer to this question but then it really differ from person to person.

Sometimes, a Mammogram becomes the cause of developing breast cancer in young women, especially those who carry mutated genes, because its radiations are harmful for them.