Glenmark Announces Success of Initial Trial for GBR 500

GlenmarkGlenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (532296. BY) had collaborated with France's Sanofi (SNY) and as a part of it, a trial for an experimental drug has now reached its mid-stage, a report has uncovered recently.

It has been told that Sanofi was given the license to sell as well as develop the drug named GBR 500 last year. Glenmark affirmed on Thursday that it is now closer to the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as multiple sclerosis or MS as well as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. The research is being funded by its foreign partners.

As per the findings, almost eighty four people, who are patients of either moderate or severe ulcerative colitis, would be recruited for the analysis. Since, Michael Buschle, who is the Chief Scientific Officer of the company, is of the opinion, “Despite treatment advances in recent years, ulcerative colitis remains a debilitating condition for many individuals, and represents an area of substantial unmet medical need.”

The report finds that the assessment is to be carried out in North America and Europe at multiple clinical sites, which would look at the efficacy of the drug. It is being said that the experimental medication would be tested on safety parameters as well.