Game Designers Working on Project: Eternity

Baldur-Gate-IIIt has been reported that cancellation of projects has forced many game manufacturers to bring cuts in the jobs. Today’s customers are looking for entertaining games, which are not like old classic one- Baldur’s Gate II and Planescape Torment.

Following the increased demand of the trendiest games, the Obsidian has announced of launching Project: Eternity. The project is being handled by top notch designers and gaming gurus. Chris Avellone, the man behind the creation of Planescape: Torment; Josh Sawyer, designer of Icewind Dale and Tim Cain are some of the famous personalities working behind the project.

The game will be a dream game for every player. While commenting upon the new project, Chris Avellone said, “[I'm] tired of designing content and interactions that caters to consoles and console controllers. Project: Eternity is our opportunity to FINALLY develop our own fantasy RPG world and franchise”.

The new gaming experience is expected to be out by 2014. It might cost one $US25 to get the game installed on the personal computers. It is hoped that the project will bring smile on the faces of players and will also allow them to experience something new.