UAE ranked 11th preferential FDI destination

UAE ranked 11th preferential FDI destinationUAE has been ranked 11th most popular Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) destination in the world according to Confidence Index made public recently by the global management consulting firm Kearney Foreign Direct Investment.

Middle-East, as a whole, has been slowly turning preferential investment destination for the international investors given to the bright growth prospectus of the region compared to other destinations of the World. UAE and other countries reported significant improvement in the investor confidence in the region despite recessionary waves and Dubai World's crisis.

Dr. Dirk Buchta, Managing Director, At Kearney told, "The decision-makers we surveyed placed UAE among the top preferred destinations based on ease of doing business, infrastructure quality and access to consumer market and various other criterions."

The firm is, however, not much optimistic about global FDI flow in 2011, pointing a number of challenges ahead despite improving global economy. China, according to the survey, continued with its top rank since 2002, attracting a large amount of FDI inflow. USA and India have been ranked at second and third place respectively.