Smokers More Likely to Experience Poor Sleep, Says Study

Smokers More Likely to Experience Poor Sleep, Says StudyA new study claims that smoking not only affects one's lungs and heart, but his slumber as well, according to a recent report. It is being said by lead researcher Stefan Cohrs and colleagues that smokers show high rate of insomnia as compared to non-smokers.

The team from Charite Berlin medical school in Germany has evidence for its saying. Comparing 1,100 smokers with more than 1,200 non-smokers, it was found that 17% of total smokers were highly likely to sleep for less than six hours a night.

However, only 7% of their counterparts realized the same. Besides, `disturbed' sleep quality was also being noticed more in smokers. While 19% of non-smokers were experiencing a poor quality snooze, it has been found that the rate of smokers in terms of poor quality of sleep was 28%.

It is being said that a direct cause and effect relationship was not prevailing though. The reason might be that smokers tend to stay up till late at night while watching TV. But, the matter is certainly concerning as poor sleep is linked to diabetes or heart disease and even obesity.

"This study demonstrates for the first time an elevated prevalence of sleep disturbance in smokers compared with non-smokers in a population without lifetime history of psychiatric disorders", said Cohrs.