Suicidal Cases Highest amongst Men in Middle Age

Suicidal Cases Highest amongst Men in Middle AgeA charity, the Samaritans, has recently come up with a bitter fact that mid-aged men in any area are today likely the biggest targets of self-destructions, as per a new report.

The charity says the most common reason behind the same is the appearance of disruption of masculine identity to them. Whether it is a family breakdown or a collapse of traditional male-dominated industries, all lead these men to think the same.

It is being said that 35 to 55-year aged men are highly likely, nearly four-fold more, to commit suicide than their female counterparts. Also, the risks are 10 times greater among men residing in socially deprived or rural areas.

With improved rights for women, men are being pressurized to live a gold standard of masculinity. And the same sometimes becomes personal troubles, may be losing a job.

It would not be strange to know that `defeat as a man' in mid-age is worst than any other worst condition in a man's life. Responsibilities are more and therefore, they find killing themselves an easy way to get relief. Even reluctance to share their personal problems worsens their problem.

"With this in mind, we need to acknowledge that men are different to women and design services to meet their needs", said University of Edinburgh's Prof. Stephen Platt.