Apple Eyeing New Customers

Apple-iPhone5Although Apple has now launched its most awaited Apple iPhone 5, it still needs to set strategies for attracting new customers. The existing customers are all eager to get their hands upon the updated and new version of iPhone. The customers of Apple’s rival smartphone makers are yet to be coaxed by Apple.

The declined sales of RIM’s Blackberry have helped Apple in making profits in the US. Besides, Windows Mobile has also failed in the coaxing the customers. Carolina Milanesi, a market analyst has predicted that the launch of iPhone 5 will see many shifting from their Windows and Androids phones to Apple.

Android is quite famous in the smartphone market. Apple has to devise strategies to beat Android if it wants to gain the attention of the new customers. The existing customers of Apple have already lined up to get the iPhone 5.

But, Apple needs more customers to gain lucrative profits. Ramon Llamas from IDC said, “The pie is still there, as there is still a lot of people… Not every cell-phone user is a candidate for smartphones”. It is hoped that Apple will be able to attract new customers now.