Meningitis Awareness Week is On

MeningitisMeningitis Awareness Week is on and so are preparations to raise awareness among people against this deadly disease and save maximum lives from getting affected of it.

Since six years, a big hand is being lent towards this noble cause by Mrs. Rachel and Mr. Steve Clarke, parents of the four-year-old Sam Clarke, who died six years ago due to the virus. Sam was born healthy and normal without any illnesses but one evening changed the whole life for the family.

Like others, Sam and his family also spent the day taking down Christmas decorations at the end of the festive period but Sam suddenly started complaining of stomach ache and feeling sick. He was rushed to hospital by his parents after sometime but unfortunately doctors could not save his life and he died nine hours later.

The cause of the Sam’s death was the deadly strain of meningitis. Since then, his parents, of Finchingfield Road, Great Sampford, are supporting Meningitis Awareness Week by encouraging more people to be MeningitisWise.

Meningitis Awareness Week will run until Sunday. It is important to be aware of the deadly diseases meningitis and septicaemia because it is affecting approx 3,600 people in the UK and Ireland every year.