Expansion in Recall of Beef Contaminated with E. coli

Expansion in Recall of Beef Contaminated with E. coliThe Canadian Food Inspection Agency has decided to expand the recall of beef. The beef was found to be contaminated with E. coli, a deadly virus, as per a report revealed recently.

On Sunday, it had been warned that the beef from Edmonton-based XL Foods may be contaminated and therefore, a recall had been announced. However, sales from a few stores were previously being checked. But gradually, expansion is being seen in more stores, which might have sold the beef.

The list now includes Presto and Club Entrepot locations in Quebec, Sobeys/IGA locations in Alberta with those in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Also, Co-op locations in British Columbia, Manitoba, Yukon and the Northwest Territories are being doubted to have sold the product.

Five cases of E. coli are currently being investigated by the health officials in Alberta, as per the findings. One of which has come soon after the expansion was announced. A Calgary girl's family reported that their child had to suffer kidney failure following the consumption of tainted beef patties.

It is the incident of Labour Day i. e. Sept. 11, says the family, which has taken Sarah Demoskoff, the child, to Alberta Children's Hospital. She is on dialysis now.