Free Bus Pass Scheme Boosting Health of Elders, Say Researchers

Free-Bus-PassSince 2006, the authorities in England have been providing free bus passes to its elder citizens. The free bus passes have helped elders in travelling without worrying about money. The scheme has not only helped in easing up the financial burden of the seniors, it has also helped in increasing their movement.

A recent research has found that because of the free bus pass scheme, many elders have increased their physical activities. In short, the scheme has helped in improving the health of the elders. People above the age of 60 can avail the services and enjoy a good trip.

While writing in the American Journal of Public Health, the researchers of Imperial College London said, “Public subsidies enabling free bus travel for older persons may confer significant population health benefits through increased incidental physical activity”.

According to the researchers, elders have been walking more than before. They have acknowledged the free bus pass scheme for such change. Increased physical activity help elders in staying fit. On the other hand, sedentary lifestyle can cause numerous illnesses to a person. The free bus pass scheme is boosting the health of the elders.