Study Says Sugar-Laden Drinks Driving Towards Obesity

Study Says Sugar-Laden Drinks Driving Towards ObesityFindings in a recent research have added on to evidences supporting the case that soft drinks and other sugary drinks are one of the major factors leading towards the obesity endemic.

A large study, which was carried out for years, included over 33,000 Americans. The conclusions of the study are clear cut proof that the sugar-laden drinks lay a significant impact on the genes, which are related to the body weight, thus influencing weight gain and resulting in a higher risk of obesity amongst people, which is more than that due to hereditary factors.

Study findings suggest that these sugary beverages are detrimental especially for people with genes, which have a direct influence on their body weight and predispose weight gain. Further, it warned that majority of people have a few of such genes.

However, the study emphasized that children and teens should be provided with alternatives to such drinks; they should be given drinks, which are low in calories and sugar and thus result in lower weight gain.

Scientists said, "Collectively, the results strongly suggest that sugary drinks cause people to pack on the pounds, independent of other unhealthy behavior such as overeating and getting too little exercise".