Huge Variations amongst Childhood Obesity Rates Based On Gender

Huge Variations amongst Childhood Obesity Rates Based On Gender Obesity and its related health consequences have emerged to be a major concern for the health experts worldwide. Further, coming across childhood obesity cases has been a much to think about issue.

Findings in a recent study, which has revealed the shocking and uneven gender variations in the nation's childhood obesity rates, subjected that Canadian young boys are three times greater the risk of being obese, in comparison to the girls of the same age group.

The Statistics Canada study conducted over two years, included 2,123 children and teenagers in the country, aged between five and 17. Their weights and heights were taken into consideration.

Accordingly, it was concluded that an estimated 31.5% of the adolescents could be categorized as overweight or obese.

Further, it was detailed that 19.5% of the Canadian boys, aged between five and 11 were obese, in comparison to 6.3% calculated in case of girls of t5he same age group.

Dr. Katherine Morrison from McMaster Children's Hospital in Hamilton, Ont, said, "Experts say that it's long been recognized that obesity tends to occur in higher rates in boys than girls, but certainly not as in-your-face as those numbers are".

She affirmed that she has never come across such a huge difference between the figures based on gender dissimilarity. Although, figures changed, authors suggest further studies to prove that.