Magical Jab to Prevent Heart Damage

Imperial-College-LondonA magical jab has been developed by a group of scientists at the Imperial College London, which will help to mend the hearts of coronary victims. The study researchers were of the view that the injection has stem cells, which help the heart to recover and help the paramedics to make the patient reach hospital without further complications.

The study researchers were of the view one of the biggest asset of their development is that they will develop stem cells from patient only. This will increase the survival changes as well as reduce the percentage of complications.

It has been revealed that the clinical trials of the same are about to start. The study researchers were of the view that one of the aims of the British Heart Foundation is to improve the survival chances of a person, who has been suffering from heart disease.

Professor Peter Weissberg, who is the chief of the British Heart Foundation, was of the view that it has become to vital to find such novel treatments, as more than 750,000 people living in the UK suffer from heart problems.

“What we need now is for the public to help us fund this research and take it from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside”, asserted Weissberg.