Chemical BPA Should Not be used in Manufacturing Process

Chemical-BPAAs per a recent study published in the PNAS Online, it has been revealed that a chemical known as Bisphenol A, which is commonly being used in the manufacturing of plastic containers, is quite harmful for women’s reproductive system.

The study being carried out by a group of researchers from the Washington State University has found that the chemical interferes with the hormones that are responsible for reproduction. This interference can lead to miscarriage and could even lead to the birth of stillborns as well as genetically defected babies.

Professor Brian Priestly, a toxicologist at Monash University, was of the view that it is a bit difficult to abstain from the chemical, as it is being found in dozens of household items. From canned food packaging to soft drink bottles, the chemical is present everywhere.

Experts said that there is a need to switch to different manufacturing methods, so that the chemical can be completely abstained. In fact, Australia and New Zealand have introduced such laws, which restrict industries to use the chemical in any of their manufacturing process. Examples of both the countries can be put forth and other countries can be encouraged to follow them.