Notable $50 million to be given by Riyadh to Haiti relief efforts

HaitiOil-rich Saudi Arabia recently nodded in yes to pump $50 million to help the poor Caribbean Sea nation. Prior to this, the nation was criticized for failing to come up with aid for earthquake-stricken Haiti.

The United Nations would help in directing the aid.

It was specified by foreign ministry spokesman Osama Nugali, "The kingdom, by instruction of King Abdullah, is donating $50 million to assist the Haitian people."

There are speculations that nearly 150,000 victims have been buried by the government. There is no estimate as to how many bodies are in the rubble.

On Monday, a meeting was held between U. S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Haiti's prime minister and foreign ministers from a host of nations in Montreal with the aim of coordinating relief efforts, in the international community's first meeting since the devastating earthquake.

It has been reported that government will pump in $1 billion to help Haiti victims.