Bicycle Maker Recalls Thousands of Bikes

Bicycle Maker Recalls Thousands of BikesSome bicycles have been making their riders face nasty falls and it is therefore, that a popular bicycle maker has announced a recall of all its 12,000 bicycles, as per a new report.

Reports were received by him that the front fork of the bike is breaking and is risky. Since, one may meet an accident as well. The Consumer Product Safety Commission had revealed the same, when it assessed these products.

As per the findings, in order to hold the front wheel, the bicycle fork is used. The same also allows riders to turn the bicycle. Defected models include Globe Vienna 3 Disc, Globe Sport Disc, the Globe Elite and Globe Vienna Deluxe 6 and many other bicycles.

The forks, being detected as defected, were sold by Specialized Bicycle Components on some 18 different bike models. The sales were made via retailers from 2007 to July. Therefore, the group is now asking anyone who had purchased the bike to stop riding it.

It has been made aware of the fact as well that riders have suffered facial fractures, with some of them getting head and shoulder injuries.

The Safety Commission is now suggesting each and every rider to double-check the forks, which were manufactured by Kinesis in China. The aim is to ensure safety down the road.