Strict Law Against Drunken Drivers in New York

Strict Law Against Drunken Drivers in New YorkMaking the law more stringent, the New York officials have issued regulations on Tuesday that clearly states that if anyone's license is snatched by the police for misbehaving or driving when drunk, then he will neither get his license back nor will be issued with a newer one. Officials are trying to prevent the incidences when relentless drunken drivers get their licenses back.

According to the recent regulations, before returning a license or issuing a new one, the Department of Motor Vehicles will review the lifetime records of drivers who will visit them in quest of replacement after a revocation. And if the accused is found to be indulged into five or more alcohol- or drug-related driving convictions then he will be simply denied to be served further.

As said by DMV Commissioner Barbara Fiala, "Each year, more than 300 people are killed and more than 6,000 injured on New York highways as a direct result of alcohol-related crashes. More than 25% of those crashes involved a driver who had three or more drunk driving convictions".

Officials also mentioned that if DMV founds a person with three or more such convictions and he has been found responsible for at least one solemn driving offense in the period of last 25 years, including a lethal crash or driving-related penal conviction, even then he will be barred from getting his license reissued.