Brighton and Sussex NHS Trust Take £15 million loan

Brighton-and-Sussex-University-HospitalBrighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust has taken a £15 million loan from the Department of Health, so that the trust can pay its bills. The trust officials were of the view that they had requested the Department of Health and told them about the condition. This made them seek loan to pay back to their creditors.

This is the not the first trust, which has taken financial help from the government. In fact, it is one of the eight trusts, which has taken loan from the Department of Health. As per reports, it has been revealed that the trust requested for the loan in September 2011.

The loan was provided on time, which helped the trust to repay its first credit amount of £1.5 million. The trust will be repaying the amount in next five years on the basis of six month installments.

Spokeswoman from the side of Brighton and Sussex University Trust said, “While we are paying off the loan, we can continue to strengthen our financial position and establish our own in-year surplus to recreate that buffer with our own income”. She affirmed that their main aim to get the loan was to strengthen the financial position of the trust.