Drivers Should be Warned of Driving, Say Researchers

Drivers Should be Warned of Driving, Say ResearchersThe New England Journal of Medicine has published a study in its latest issue, which has been claiming that merely a warning to a person by his doctor that he should not go the road with a vehicle for being a potentially dangerous driver can help cut accident risks significantly.

Researchers at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences had studied data from Ontario drivers. All the drivers were above 18 years in age and also had an official national health card number. It was found that of the 95% drivers with warnings were having a common diagnose, whether it is fainting, alcoholism, dizziness or dementia or even a stroke.

In fact, almost a fifth of them had some five of such diagnoses, the report says. Besides, the study also shed light over the fact that before three years of the receipt of warnings, 1,430 crashes had the patients as drivers, which later made them end up in an emergency room.

While, suggestions are to warn drivers, it has been found that depression cases have risen after such a trend and some people had started to avoid doctor visits too.

The team says, "Clinical judgment is needed in deciding which patients are most likely to benefit from a warning".